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College Drinking Prevention - Changing the Culture

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Elaine Arkin (Health Consultant)

Amy Bielski (ORC Macro)

Anton Bizzell (NIAAA)

Greg Bloss (NIAAA)

John Bowersox (NIAAA)

Gayle Boyd (NIAAA)

Ann Bradley (NIAAA)

Susan Cahill (NIAAA)

Nancy Colladay (NIAAA)

Tim Crilley (NIAAA)

William DeJong (Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention)

Mary Lou Dogoloff (Logicon/ROW Sciences)

Fred Donodeo (NIAAA)

Peggy Eastman (Author and Journalist)

Vivian B. Faden (NIAAA)

Mark Goldman (University of South Florida)

Kathryn Grady (NIAAA)

Kelly Green Kahn (NIAAA)

Ralph Hingson (Boston University)

Harold Holder (PIRE)

Bob Huebner (NIAAA)

Geoffrey Laredo (NIAAA)

Stephen Long (NIAAA)

Joy Mara (Joy R. Mara Communications)

Alan Marlatt (University of Washington)

Amy Matush (NIAAA)

Suzanne Medgyesi-Mitschang (NIAAA)

Diane Miller (NIAAA)

Peggy Murray (NIAAA)

Diana O'Donovan (NIAAA)

Lisa Patton (Logicon/ROW Sciences)

Joan Romaine (NIAAA)

Robert F. Saltz (Prevention Research Center)

Tammy (Terrill) Shea (Porter Novelli)

Kenneth J. Sher (University of Missouri)

Linda Spear (Binghamton University)

Aaron White (Duke University)

Roberta Wilhelm (NIAAA)

Sharon Wilsnack (University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Robert A. Zucker (University of Michigan)


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Last reviewed: 9/23/2005

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