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Parents: Help Your Teens Party Right at Graduation

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Graduation is a time to celebrate. But before your graduates party, take the time to talk with them about alcohol—it just may save a life.

It's About Your Teen...

A teenager's brain is still developing and it is very sensitive to alcohol's effects on judgment and decision-making.

Alcohol Can Be Tricky...

If your graduates drink, they may temporarily feel elated and happy, but they should not be fooled. Ask them to consider these risks: Alcohol and Your Highschool Grad - A Dangerous Mix

  • Their inhibitions and memory soon become affected—so they may say and do things that they will regret and possibly will not remember doing at all.
  • Their decision-making skills are also affected. They may become restless and aggressive. They may be more at risk for having an alcohol-related traffic crash, getting into fights, trashing a house, or making unwise decisions about sex.

Then there is what happens to their physical control—loss of balance, slurred speech, and blurred vision. Even normal activities—like crossing a busy intersection—can become more dangerous.

Too Much Alcohol Becomes a Deadly Poison...

If your graduates drink enough, they will eventually get sleepy and pass out. Reflexes like gagging and breathing can be suppressed. That means they could vomit and choke to death or just stop breathing. They may even be at risk for alcohol poisoning.

Think About It!

If graduates drink too much, it can mean trips to the emergency room, arrests, and sexual assaults. They could put themselves and their friends in real danger. Ask them to consider this: Is that any way to celebrate?

Talking With Your Graduate...

Research shows that parents do make a difference. Talking with your graduate about alcohol now could help prevent a life-changing mistake.


Tell your graduate to play it safe and party right at graduation.

Last reviewed: 5/3/2012

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