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College Drinking Prevention - Changing the Culture

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View From The President's Office: The Leadership Of Change

Shared Values


"It is crucial that all persons at all levels within the college community…promote a 'cultural transformation' within their community that makes it clear that excessive use of alcohol is unacceptable behavior."

Commission on Substance Abuse on America's Campuses, 1994


The Burke-Litwin model of organizational change distinguishes between two sets of organizational dynamics: the transactional and the transformational. Transactional factors create the climate for change, while transformational factors relate to the fundamental behavior changes (including value shifts) that organizations are working to produce (Burke and Litwin, 1992). Having organizational values that support a change is critical to success (Carr et al., 1996).

In the context of college drinking efforts, values and culture are particular focal points for creating positive change; in some instances creating new values and culture are the stated goals. Other background papers in this series discuss alcohol-related values issues in detail and synthesize existing research on strategies designed to affect them. Like the organizational change literature, they emphasize that values can be measured and changed; can (and should) be affected by environmental as well as educational strategies; and should ideally be addressed by subgroups (although little guidance from the college alcohol literature is currently available to guide interventions with specific populations).

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Last reviewed: 9/23/2005

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