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Western Washington University

  • PI -- Patricia Fabiano, Ph.D.
  • Title of Project: Campus Community Strategy to Change the Drinking Culture
  • U01 Researcher Collaborator: Robert Saltz, Ph.D.
  • NIAAA Scientific Staff Collaborator: Ralph Hingson, Sc.D., M.P.H.

  • Summary:
    Specific aims of the Campus Community Strategy to Change the Drinking Culture Project at Western Washington University (WWU) are to evaluate the efficacy of limiting problematic student drinking through (a) increased enforcement of the laws and ordinances aimed at decreasing harm caused by problem drinking and (b) increased engagement of students and long-term residents in community neighborhoods through the “NEST” initiative. The NEST Project—or neighbors engaging with students—consists of multifactorial environmental interventions including a neighborhood-based conflict mediation program, service-learning projects in the neighborhoods contiguous to campus, expansion of campus-based late night social culture, and a Web-based tutorial designed to increase students’ knowledge and skills about safe and legal behavior in the community. Enforcement efforts include intensification of party emphasis patrols and collaboration with the city council and mayor’s office in the development of an effective and enforceable ordinance that reduces the number of repeat problematic party calls to the same address.
    Status—Accomplished July 2005. The following milestones have taken place:
    • Based on GIS mapping of student density and 911 call center data, three neighborhoods contiguous to WWU have been selected as intervention sites. A 911 reporting system that captures archival data on party calls by neighborhoods will be implemented in these neighborhoods in the Fall 2005.
    • Based on student demographics, student drinking rates, and the presence of campus and community problems emerging from problematic college student drinking, two four-year, public Washington State universities and their surrounding communities have been invited and have agreed to serve comparison sites.
    • A Web-based survey addressing individual student drinking; knowledge/perception of enforcement; knowledge/perception of off-campus codes, laws, and ordinances; neighborhood engagement; and exposure to the interventions was developed and submitted to IRBs at WWU and the two comparison sites. The baseline survey will be administered to a random sample of 2,500 students at WWU and the comparison sites in the Fall 2005 and again in the Fall 2006.
    • NEST interventions and multijurisdictional party emphasis patrols have been planned, piloted, and readied for implementation in the Fall 2005.


Last reviewed: 11/23/2005

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