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PowerPoint Presentations

Need to give a presentation or oral report? Use these PowerPoint presentations to enhance your discussion. If you do not have PowerPoint, you may access the information in HTML or PDF format as well.

How Can NIAAA Help You? Results and Recommendations from the Task Force on College Drinking (2005)

The Task Force Recommendations: What Alcohol Researchers Should Do Next (2002)

College Drinking Task Force Report and Associated Materials (2002)

CollegeDrinkingPrevention.Gov: Developing a Web site as an Effective Tool for Dissemination of Report Findings and a Forum for Your Initiative (2002)

Results and Recommendations From the NIAAA Task Force on College Drinking: New Opportunities for Research and Program Planning (2002)

A Call to Action: Changing the Culture of Drinking at U.S. Colleges, Recommendations for Colleges and Universities (2002)

Implementing the NIAAA Recommendations: A Comprehensive Approach to Prevention (2002)

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