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If you need alcohol treatment while practicing physical distancing, there are several professionally led treatment and mutual-support group options available to you.

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As a student, more than likely you will be around friends who are drinking and you will be offered alcohol. Before you take that sip of beer, take a look at the tools and resources in this section:

Fact Sheet

Understanding the Dangers of Alcohol Overdose (or “Alcohol Poisoning”)

Do you know about the dangers of an alcohol overdose — also known as alcohol poisoning? Read about the signs of an alcohol overdose, myths about sobering up, and what to do if you think a friend is suffering from an alcohol overdose.


NIAAA College Task Force (2002) - What Peer Educators and Resident Advisors (RAs) Need to Know About College Drinking

This brochure for college peer educators and resident advisors contains highlights from the report, A Call to Action: Changing the Culture of Drinking at U.S. Colleges.


Interactive Body

Trace the flow of alcohol through your body and see how it affects your organs and systems


Calculate alcohol calories, alcohol cost, and blood alcohol content.

Alcohol Myths

Read about some common alcohol myths and discover the facts.

Getting Help

Learn how to get help.