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What Is CollegeAIM and Why Is It Needed?

Developed by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) with leading college alcohol researchers and staff, CollegeAIM—the College Alcohol Intervention Matrix—is an easy-to-use and comprehensive booklet and website to help schools identify effective alcohol interventions.

While there are numerous options for addressing alcohol issues, they are not all equally effective.

CollegeAIM can help schools choose interventions wisely—boosting their chances for success and helping them improve the health and safety of their students.

How can schools use CollegeAIM?

With the help of CollegeAIM, school officials can:

Watch the Webinar: “The Updated College Alcohol Intervention Matrix (CollegeAIM): What Colleges and Communities Need to Know Now”

How is CollegeAIM different?

CollegeAIM is distinctive because of the breadth of its research and analysis, the expertise of its contributors, and its user-friendly format. This version of CollegeAIM is based on updates completed in 2019, and provides:

  • An extensive review of decades of scientific literature
  • A multi-year collaboration involving 16 leaders in college alcohol intervention research
  • More than 60 interventions rated for effectiveness, costs, and other criteria
  • Two user-friendly matrices and other resources
“This instrument is one of the most thoroughly vetted and user-friendly summaries of intervention strategies I have seen in decades.”
-Jonathan Gibralter, Ph.D.
President, Wells College