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Environmental-Level Strategies
Community-based only

Enact noisy assembly laws

Noisy assembly laws, enacted at the local or state level, give law enforcement legal cause to enter a private residence if a gathering of more than one person in a residential area or building produces noise that unreasonably disturbs the peace, quiet, or repose of another. Such laws also enable law enforcement to enter residences where they have reason to suspect underage drinking is occurring.

  • Effectiveness: X = Too few robust studies to rate effectiveness—or mixed results
  • Cost: $ = Lower
  • Barriers: ## = Moderate
  • Research Amount: 0 = No studies
  • Public Health Reach: Broad
  • Staffing Expertise Needed: Policy advocate
  • Target Population: All students
  • Research Population: Not assessed

NOTE: Cost ratings are based on a consensus among research team members of the relative program and staff costs for adoption, implementation, and maintenance of a strategy. Actual costs will vary by institution, depending on size, existing programs, and other campus and community factors.

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