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Environmental-Level Strategies
Campus only

Establish amnesty policies

Under an amnesty policy, a campus does not impose sanctions on a student who seeks help for another student in danger of serious harm or death from alcohol use, even if the help seeker has been drinking underage or has provided the alcohol to an underage peer. Amnesty policies also may be known as medical amnesty or Good Samaritan policies, and some exist at the state level. (Note: Strategy does not seek to reduce alcohol availability, one of the most effective ways to decrease alcohol use and its consequences.)

  • Effectiveness: X = Too few robust studies to rate effectiveness—or mixed results
  • Cost: $ = Lower
  • Barriers: # = Lower
  • Research Amount: *** = 5 or more cross-sectional studies or 1 to 4 longitudinal studies
  • Public Health Reach: Focused
  • Staffing Expertise Needed: Policy advocate
  • Target Population: All students
  • Research Population: College

NOTE: Cost ratings are based on a consensus among research team members of the relative program and staff costs for adoption, implementation, and maintenance of a strategy. Actual costs will vary by institution, depending on size, existing programs, and other campus and community factors.

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